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A Tribute to Harriett Marilyn Bradlin

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This web site is devoted to my friend and mentor for nearly 50 years, Harriett Marilyn Bradlin, and her 2 families.  She and her 2nd husband, Marty Mitchnick, were major influences on the directions my life would go, after I first meet them in the late 1950s. They introduced me to the concept of Intentional Communities, urban and rural, in 1959, which led me to help found Tolstoy Farm in 1963 in a canyon NE of Davenport in Lincoln County in rural eastern Washington.

Marty was born on 14 Nov 1920 and died on 08 Dec 1978. Harriett was born on died on 29 Dec 1930 and died on 20 Sep 2007, a little over 4 months before her 77th birthday. 

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